Media Releases

Media Releases
Vetiver Grass Nursery Commissioned for Western Communities
Nadi River Dredging Commenced
Water Woes for 10 Western Farmers Ends
Navunievu and Waitabu Pleas Heard
Irrigation Kits Distributed in Western Division
Balevuto Landowners say “yes” to Retention Dam Construction
Water for Namu Farmers
Conclusion of Nasivi River Desilting Brings Relief to Tavua
Desilting works Commissioned for Korotari River
Desilting works undertaken for Vatuni Creek
Desilting Commissioned for Vitogo River
Desilting works Commissioned For Six Villages in Ra
Environment ambassadors Receive Cash for Environmental Restoration Work
Ba River Dredging Commenced
Desilting Works Commissioned for Nasivi River in Tavua
Seawall Construction Works Commissioned for Veseisei Village
Desilting Works Commissioned for Nawaka River
Seawall construction for Dakuiniku village commenced
Namatakula Seawall construction works begin
Navutu Riverbank Stabilization Works commissioned
MoU Signing for Nature Base Seawall to benefit over 300 villagers
50 Farmers and 65 Households Have Benefited from Drainage works
Solar Lights Bring Relief for Emuri Village
Drainage works to continue: Dr. Reddy
Water Tanks to help Increase in farm productivity
Emergency de-silting of rivers and creeks to commence for North
Multi-Purpose Irrigation Project Commissioned for Nadari settlement
Waterways Ministry Partners with Private sectors for Emergency Creek De-silting in Western Division
Water crisis addressed for Ellington farming communities
Minister Reddy addresses Drainage concerns for Western Farmers
Muanidevo farmers receive timely assistance Post TC Yasa
Emergency Drainage works to commence: Dr. Reddy
Drainage Works Leads To Increased Farm Production
Ministry of Environment: Notice to all Businesses
Koroqaqa farmers thanks Government
End to sleepless nights after completion of the drainage works
Flood mitigation works undertaken in Nasivi River
E-garburator project commissioned to convert waste to into compost manure
Stakeholders applauded for phasing out from uses of harmful gas
Environmental Impact Assessment clinics to fast track processes.
Mangrove nursery commissioned to address Coastal Erosion Rehabilitation.
COVID-19 should not compromise the protection of the environment: Dr. Reddy.
We need to do a lot more to preserve our biodiversity”- Minister Reddy.
Seawall to safeguard Nabukadra village.
Nineteen Sea-Wall to be constructed for Coastal Protection
Nature-Based Solution Vital to Enhance Coastal Resilience
Launch of Football Team
Vunibau Foot crossing
Department of Waterways - 2020 International Day of Action for Rivers
Department of Waterways - 2020 Global Recycling Day
Department of Waterways - Expression of Interest - Emergency Creek Desilting
Department of Waterways - National Environment Council Meeting
Department of Information - Press Release