Waste and Pollution Control

What is the Department’s role in waste and pollution control?

The Department is responsible for regulating waste discharges from commercial facilities, developing national strategies for minimization of packaging wastes, solid waste management, guidelines for landfill sites and dumps, and managing hazardous chemicals. We are also responsible for administering Fiji’s only sanitary landfill – Naboro Landfill.

What is 3Rs?

The 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle) is a programme that focuses on the waste minimization at the household level. 3R is a tool that improves solid waste management and support municipal councils to effectively collect solid waste. Proper implementation will reduce collection and disposal costs, and increase economic activity through commercial recovery of recyclables. 

What is the waste disposal permit, and how do I apply?

The Waste and Pollution Control function of the Department is to ensure that any industrial or commercial facility operating in Fiji holds a valid waste disposal permit. A waste disposal permit sets conditions on disposal methods of all waste generated by commercial facilities.

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What is the plastic permit, and how do I apply?

All importers of plastic are required to obtain the consent of the Department for the release of any plastic consignment into Fiji.

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The Naboro Landfill is a state owned facility for disposal of solid waste in the central eastern division. The landfill is lined with special liners that effectively contains leachate which prevents contamination of the surrounding environment. Naboro landfill contains leachate ponds that effectively treat leachate prior to releasing onto the surrounding environment.