Plastic Ban

In recognition of the impact of plastic bags on our natural environment particularly our marine life, Fiji is on track to ban single-use plastics by 1 January 2020. Plastic bags with thickness of less than 50 microns and a made up of whole or part polyethylene will not be manufactured, distributed or sold in Fiji from 1st January 2020. The only exceptions are those used for packaging products and garbage bags.  Plastic Bags with a thickness of more than 50 microns will cost 50 cents.

In addition to this, non- biodegradable plastics will not be allowed into Fiji unless it is used for food and beverage preservation, pharmaceutical or medical use and for packaging for products for exporting or re- exporting. Members of the public will need to obtain the consent of the Department of Environment for the import of any plastic.

Government is supporting the introduction of alternatives to plastic in Fiji. This has resulted in no duty levied on all non-plastic food packaging, straws, containers and cutlery.

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