Irrigation Support


Our work ensures that all irrigation infrastructures (such as canals, drains, seawalls, reservoirs, control towers and access roads) are in operational condition.

Maintenance works include drainage maintenance within the irrigation schemes and rehabilitation work ensuring irrigation infrastructures are operational at all times and irrigation water is available to farmers.

In the Northern Division there are seven irrigation schemes maintained and one in the Central Division. The North Division remains the centre of rice production in both rain-fed and irrigated sector in Fiji. Divisional offices in the North manage all the irrigation schemes around Dreketi, Nasarowaqa, Droca, and Bua.


Climate change represents a challenge for rural small/medium scale farmers in Fiji, affecting water requirements and agricultural yields. Adapting small-scale irrigation to climate change is a priority for their future.

Our work includes provision of irrigation implements such as tanks, pipes, pumps, and sprinklers to small-scale farmers or farmers groups to supplement water requirements during dry seasons. The program targets subsistence and semi-commercial farmers by providing practical guidance and support, such as irrigation techniques and technologies that can assist farmers to overcome recurring threats.

Our work provides looks at sustainable irrigation systems to farmers to use during dry seasons making them more resilient and increasing farm productivity.

We strive to empower and improve the livelihood of small-scale farmers, expand the rural economy and promote self-sufficiency in agricultural productivity. We look at ways to improve the productivity of niche market crops that can be grown under irrigated conditions.