Drainage and Flood Protection

Flood mitigation is vital for national development. The Drainage and Flood Protection Programme intends to improve the lives and livelihoods of Fijians by mitigating damages due to floods and minimize their destruction and implementation of a range of measures to reduce the risks to people, property and infrastructure. Flood and Drainage Programme allows providing adequate infrastructure to mitigate the impacts of the flood on our communities. The activities undertaken by the programme includes;

  1. River dredging
  2. Riverbank protection works for specific villages
  3. Maintenance of drainage infrastructures

The above interventions are designed to restore the conveyance capacity of rivers and creeks for maximum discharge and to minimize river bank erosion.

For further information, please contact the respective division officers.

Northern Division
Sanjay Narayan
Phone: 9904320
Email: s_narayan009@yahoo.com
Office: 2nd floor, Namuka house

Western Division
Shonal Singh
Phone: 9904314
Email: shonal.singh01@govnet.gov.fj
Office: Ground floor, Taviaqia House, Lautoka

Central Division
Rajiv Kumar
Phone: 9904304
Email: rajiv.kumar@govnet.gov.fj
Office: Opposite Nausori airport