Coastal and Flood Protection


Coastal erosion is a perpetual and causes serious concern for Pacific island countries including Fiji. The effects of climate change, such as the rise in sea level, degradation of coral reefs, and increased frequency and intensity of storms, increases the risk of erosion.

Investments in coastal protection are necessary to improve communities’ resilience and adaptive capacity towards sea level rise and corresponding coastal erosion and coastal flooding.

How does the Ministry support?

The Ministry of Waterways and Environment is supporting communities facing coastal erosion problems through a strategic long-term program that protects livelihood through appropriate coastal protection infrastructure.  Our work includes shore protection, coastal protection, and sea defence activities to address coastal erosion, saltwater intrusion and mitigate impacts of storm surges and coastal inundation in such areas. The investments in the coastal protection program comprise of implementing structural and non-structural measures for rural communities.

The structural and non-structural measures include:

  • Construction of seawalls, wave breakers, and gyrones (rigid hydraulic structure).
  • Nature-based adaptation measures.


Flood mitigation is vital for national development. Our work intends to improve the lives and livelihoods of Fijians by mitigating damages due to floods. Minimizing flood destruction through the implementation of a range of measures helps to reduce the risks to people, property and infrastructure. Our work provides adequate infrastructure to mitigate the impacts of the flood on our communities. Activities include; river dredging, riverbank protection works for specific villages, and maintenance of drainage infrastructures.

Our interventions are designed to restore the conveyance capacity of rivers and creeks for maximum discharge and to minimize river bank erosion.