Biodiversity Conservation

What is Biodiversity Conservation and why is it important?

Biodiversity conservation is the preservation and protection of species, its habitats, ecosystems, and genetic diversity. Conserving biodiversity is an essential part of safeguarding the biological life support systems in Fiji. All living creatures, including humans, depend on these life support systems for the necessities of life, including water, food and energy. These ecosystem goods and services are fundamental to our physical, social, cultural and economic well-being.

What does the Department do?

The Department through the Environment Management Act 2005 and the Endangered and Protected Species Act (EPS Act) 2002 and through its obligations under the international environmental Conventions ensures the protection of Fiji’s natural resources and biodiversity.  The Department works closely with all stakeholders and partners in identifying Fiji’s high biodiversity hotspots (on land and in the ocean within Fiji’s EEZ) and formulating policies and programmes to protect these biodiversity hotspots.